About Our Neurology Office

We are a solo private practice specializing in neurology. We strive to maintain a medical office that is simple, quiet, and friendly.

It is our goal to provide you personalized care as you will only be seeing one physician, Dr. Rogers.

Being treated by a single doctor provides continuity of care and less confusion.

We are not affiliated with any major hospital chain and therefore we are not restricted to referring patients within a set network. This gives us the liberty of choosing the most appropriate physician for you if a referral is required.

If this type of environment appeals to you, please give Ms. Rita a call to schedule an appointment. If you are new patient to our office we will make every effort to provide you a new patient appointment as quickly as possible, often in less than 2-3 weeks.

If you are an established patient in our office we will be available by telephone 7 days a week. Please do not call after 10 p.m. unless it is an absolute emergency. Dr. Rogers believes that sleep is the cornerstone of health and he must maintain his sleep to better serve you.

Rita on phone taking a call

Welcome to Dr. Rogers’ neighborhood.